Many of our top coats, base coats an cuticle products are available in custom scents!  We seek high quality fragrances that can be essential oils, fragrances, or a combination of the two.


LE Pumpkin Pie* - A delectable blend on cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and ginger blended with fall’s most infamous scent, pumpkin! A touch of creme tops this classic off

LE Harvest Apple* - Take a walk through the apple orchard with this ripe green fragrance. This is a beautiful, crisp and juicy scent filled with fruity notes of fresh green apple atop grape, pear and a very light musky base

LE Salted Caramel*Perfectly reminiscent of this tasty rich dessert. Also contains hints of bay rum, sandalwood and earthy patchouli

LE Melon Berry* - variety of sweetly sour melons with notes of berry and kiwi goodness

LE Beach Babe* - crisp essence of ozone and the ocean, reminiscent of a beachside spa day

LE Pina Colada*fresh pineapple blended with creamy coconut, a favorite summer scent.

Unscented - Only the naturally occurring scent of our gentle nail care products, and nothing else!


In a balm or cuticle oil, the fragrance can be enjoyed right away. You may notice an initial scent from the natural ingredients of the product. This is due to the high quality of nourishing ingredients in our cuticle care products. For base and top coats, please allow 5-10 minutes of drying time before enjoying the scent. As the layers continue to dry and the mild scent of the polish fades, the fragrance will emerge! Top coats typically contain more fragrance than base coats.

DISCLAIMER: Enjoy your scented manicures responsibly! These are fragrance and essential oils, NOT FLAVORS! We know they smell amazing and delicious, but please do not ingest our products. They are meant for external use only.


*From time to time, we offer special limited edition scents (denoted by a "LE") that are only available for a short time. These can be seasonal, holiday, or based off of customer demand. Stay tuned for more scents from Dream Polish!


Blue Raspberry - This fragrance captures the aroma of ripened raspberries, sugary cotton candy, and the effervescence of crushed ice

Pink Sugar - Complex blend of bergamot, raspberry, fig, vanilla, caramel and musk

Zombie Food - We like to think brains might smell something like Red Grapes and Berries

Into The Woods -  A sultry blend of sandalwood, crackling firewood and musky, masculine cologne

Candy Cane - Fresh peppermint and spearmint leaves with a hint of strawberry & vanilla

Pumpkin Pie - Traditional pumpkin and spice with a hint of buttery caramel

Honey Almond - a wonderful combination of sweet golden honey, mixed with deliciously popular almond scent

four scent grid copy.jpg

Tapanga's Rose - Our fundraiser scent! Natural Oil of Rose in Jojoba with a hint of Jasmine

Summer Melon  - an indulgent blend of canteloupe, honeydew and watermelon with a touch of carribean rum

Clovers + Dirt slightly floral, very green and ozone like scent with rich, fragrant garden soil

Lily Flower - lovely, fresh and clean scent of lily flower bouquet

Jelly Bean -  serious cherry punch with notes of apple, lemon and candy goodness

Tropical Mojito- Juicy lime, sugar, mint leaves and run are balanced with notes of exotic fruits, sparkling berry and a touch of violet

Bird of Paradise - True-to-life, nectary floral with subtle base notes of fresh fruit. The belle of any tropical garden

Sun + Sand - Complex, fresh and clean scent with notes of orange blossom, ylang-ylang and a touch of musk. Reminiscent of sun-baked sunscreen and a private beach shower

Hawaiian Orchard - intensely sweet traditional and tropical fruits, with a hint of floral and green. Mango, orange, banana, pineapple and melons are strong notes

Jasmine - Traditional floral scent

Grammy's Treats - a delectable blend of caramel, pumpkin and gingerbread

Maple Apple - a delicious blend of Granny Smith apples with a generous touch of maple cream

            Peach - Reminiscent of a juicy peach on a warm summer day

Strawberry Champagne - fragrant fresh strawberries in a bubbly and floral base

Hot Cocoa - Velvety milk chocolate with a hint of marshmallow

Winter's Kiss - Powerful punch of wintergreen with sweet base notes  

Lavender - 100% pure and natural essential oil

Blueberry Colada - a sweet, berrylicious take on a delicious tropical drink

Melon Baller - our classic Summer Melon combination of canteloupe and honeydew with a powerful punch of watermelon

Gummy Bear - rumor has it this sweet candy scent is the ever mysterious white gummy bear


EGGNOG - Delicious blend of buttercream vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. Just like the beloved holiday drink!

JACK FROST - A crisp, clean peppermint with hints of snow, pine and other forest greens.

MINT FLUFF - Peppermint essential oil with vanilla and marshmallow, plus hits of berry and white floral.

CRANBERRY ORANGE - Cranberry Relish blended with Blood Orange essential oil. Tart and fruity!

SUGAR COOKIE - Freshly baked treats with fresh notes of vanilla, buttercream and sweet frosting

FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH - Traditional deep and smoky resin fragrance, reminiscent of cologne and incense