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Our Vision for Dream Polish


 Gia ( @bondgirlstyle  on IG) interviews the owner of Dream Polish on her Agent 00Nails Blog

Gia (@bondgirlstyle on IG) interviews the owner of Dream Polish on her Agent 00Nails Blog

Here at Dream Polish, we are serious nail fanatics. Nails come in all shapes and sizes, and we strive to provide you with fun products that will keep your nails in tip top shape!

Our goal is a happy customer who loves their results. We aim to provide you with top quality products, made with the utmost care and personal attention. Our nail care line is gentle yet effective, luxurious yet affordable, and fun yet professional.

Dream Polish Skin & Nail Beauty Treatments are 5-free, void of many of the harmful chemicals in store bought polish. We also use only the highest quality oils and ingredients. Each product is throuroughly tested by a team of dedicated nail enthusiasts with very high standards, so that what you recieve is the absolute best.

Our company never tests on animals, and we demand the same cruelty-free policy from our ingredients and suppliers. We have also chosen to not include any ingredients derived from animals in our products. We feel natural ingredients yield the best and safest results for your skin and nails!




My name is Vanessa Harmeyer, founder of Dream Polish. I have been obsessed with everything nails as long as I can remember. I remember breaking my pinky playing tetherball in second grade. I demanded a set of Lee Press-on Nails in exchange for having the doctor reset my finger. Knowing I was getting those nails kept me from shedding a tear during the procedure. 

I attended Arizona State University for materials science engineering. Although it was a little extreme, I found I was very good at science and chemistry. I also have spent much of my working life in customer service, with an extensive background as a health and beauty aid (HABA as we call it in the industry) purchaser for a natural foods store. There I learned the many benefits of natural skin care, and I saw what worked best for my customers. This in combination with my love of manicures and nail polish drove me to create Dream Polish.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions: 

Dream Polish has taken the pledge to be cruelty free. Join the fight against unnecessary animal cruelty and pledge today!