Using Quick Gem Peel-off Base Coat

Finding the right application technique with a peel-off base coat for your nail polish can involve a little trial and error. We know nails come not only in all shapes and sizes, but also consistencies. They can be thick, thin, strong, weak, fllexible, brittle, smooth, rough, oily or dry, or any combination of these. They can also change from day to day, year to year, at different ages and different stages. These factors definitely come into play when considering just how our gentle base coat will work with your nails. 

We reccommend starting out with a very thin layer of Quick Gem Base Coat on each nail. It should dry in 3-5 minutes. You will notice for rough glitters and thick layers, less base coat is needed than for thin layers and cream polishes. Thicker layers of Quick Gem can take up to 10 minutes to dry. An extra layer of top coat can help enable the peel-off process. Never force off polish that feels like it doesn't want to move, especially from your tips. Always begin from the cuticle side or base and work your way up. Its better to use a little nail polish remover on a small area of stubborn polish, than to try too hard to peel it off.

After 1-3 days, you may notice what we refer to as lifting. Most common on base edges of the nail, it looks as if the polish is ready to peel off. If you like, it certainly could at this point! But if left alone, the polish still has many micro areas of gentle adhesion throughout the nail bed. Applying gentle but firm pressure can help the base coat readhere. Your polish should last this way until you wish to take it off, within the 1-3 day time period. Some nail consistencies can cause more or less adhesion. This is where a little experimentation can really pay off.

One way to accelerate the removal of our non-toxic Quick Gem Base Coat is to immerse your hands in warm soapy water for a few minutes. Avoiding excessive water immersion, especially in warm or soapy water, will prolong the lasting power of your base coat.

Here is a video of our creator gently removing both cream and glitter nail polishes.